The Toggle Builder -- Marco Arena

The toggle builderThat little extra we might equip builder classes with:

The Toggle Builder

by Marco Arena

From the article:

If intended for general usage, the builder can result a bit uncomfortable when we go through some configuration object to toggle features. This often leads to a bunch of ifs..

Numbers are not easy -- Šimon Tóth

1*sWhjlJxDvV6icGVeO_cV8A.pngAs the blurb says, "The C++ integral and floating-types zoo"...

Numbers are not easy

by Šimon Tóth

From the article:

Arguably one of the most error-prone parts of C++ is integral and floating-point expressions. As this part of the language is inherited from C, it relies heavily on fairly complex implicit conversion rules and sometimes interacts unintuitively with more static parts of C++ language.

This article will cover the rules and several surprising corner cases one can encounter when working with integral and floating-point types and expressions...

Regular Types -- Rainer Grimm

PortraintRound-1.jpgAs opposed to quirky eccentric ones...

Regular Types

by Rainer Grimm

From the article:

The term concrete type is strongly related to the term regular type. Let me, therefore, start this post with the term concrete type...

C++ Ecosystem in 2022: Fast Adoption of C++17 and C++20... -- Anastasia Kazakova

A new year, a new wave of standards adoption...

C++ Ecosystem in 2022: Fast Adoption of C++17 and C++20, C++ Toolset Landscape, and Better Code Analysis Practices

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

... In this post we’ll discuss the final results, review the trends, and learn which direction the C++ community is currently evolving in. We also invite you to read through the key takeaways and detailed data for many programming languages and areas of software development...

C++ standard: developers are moving fast to C++17 and C++20...

CopperSpice: A Peek at C++23

New video on the CopperSpice YouTube Channel:

A Peek at C++23

by Barbara Geller and Ansel Sermersheim

About the video:

C++23 is about to be published and we selected five of the most interesting changes. Two of these are enhancements to Lambda Expressions and the other three add new functionality.

Watch our new video to find out how the C++23 standard can improve readability, maintainability, and performance.

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Argument-Dependent Lookup and the Hidden Friend Idiom -- Rainer Grimm

You've got to know where to find them, know how to bind them, know when to ask for help, from a hidden friend...

Argument-Dependent Lookup and the Hidden Friend Idiom

by Rainer Grimm

From the article:

Have you ever wondered why the following program works?

#include <iostream>

int main() {
    std::cout << "Hello world";

Why should the program not work? The overloaded output operator operator<< is defined in the std namespace. The question is, therefore: How is the appropriate overloaded output operator for std::string found? You may already assume it...