Reminder: CppCon 2024 Early Bird ends on Friday

The opening keynote of CppCon 2024 is just 89 days away!

If you're interested in savings, the Early Bird discount for on-line and on-site tickets is available until this Friday, June 21. After that tickets will still be available right up to the conference, but at the full ticket price.

To register for CppCon 2024 with the Early Bird discount, click this link this week.

For details of on-line and on-site tickets, see the Registration page which includes information about student registration discounts, group rates, the CppCon Academy (extra pre- and post-conference classes by world-renowned instructors), the diversity dinner, the "Meet the Presenters" banquet, and much more!

Speaking about C++ is tomorrow

Like in the last two years Meeting C++ is organizing an event about technical speaking at C++ conferences, aiming to help new speakers with their talks and give everyone a chance to pick up something to improve their talks! The call for talks for Meeting C++ 2024 is running until June 25th!

Speaking about C++

Organized by Jens Weller

From the event description:

This event will focus on the process of creating technical talks for the C++ community. Various speakers will share their views on how to submit, prepare and give talks to the C++ community in the form of lightning talks and a panel.

Pure Virtual C++ 2024 Recordings Available

The recordings for all Pure Virtual C++ 2024 sessions are now online. This includes the 5 main sessions plus over a dozen pre-conference videos.

Pure Virtual C++ 2024 Recordings Available

By Sy Brand

From the article:

All recordings for our Pure Virtual C++ 2024 conference are now available. Thanks to everyone who came along and hope to see you again next year! You can find the full playlist on YouTube.

Pure Virtual C++ 2024 Sessions Announced

The session list for Pure Virtual C++ 2024 is live:

Pure Virtual C++ 2024 Sessions Announced

By Sy Brand

From the article:

  • Automated Testing of Shader Code with Keith Stockdale
  • Message Handling with Boolean Implication with Ben Deane 
  • I Embedded a Programming Language In Debug Information with Sy Brand
  • Enhancing C++ development with Copilot Chat with Sinem Akinci 
  • Progress Report: Adopting Header Units in Microsoft Word with Zachary Henkel

ACCU Early Bird Tickets and Workshops Now Available -- ACCU


The 2024 ACCU Conference has published workshops and opened Early Bird tickets.

Early-bird tickets and workshops now available

From the article:

At time of writing our Early Bird rates are in effect, but hurry! These will end on 15th February, after which standard rates will apply. As ever the cheapest way to get tickets is to be, or become, an ACCU member - so join up today if you're not already a member!

C++ Online

C++ Online is a brand new online C++ conference, including great value training workshops and regular talks, keynotes and lightning talks. The main conference runs from 29th February to 2nd March.

C++ Online, Revisited

From the article:

C++ Online also now has its own website, where you can find all the details, including speakers, workshops and ticket sales.
So go to now!

Releasing the keynotes of Meeting C++ 2023

Highlighting the current video releases for Meeting C++ 2023: the keynotes

With this year Meeting C++ had a unique set of keynotes, covering 6 impossible problems for software devs with the opening keynote by Kevlin Henney, followed by great wisdom about how open communities thrive by Lydia Pintscher. The closing keynote by Ivan Čukić was an impressive medley composing various idioms with Prog(ressive) C++.

All these keynotes are worth watching, a great contribution to our knowledge base as a community. Thanks to Kevlin Henney, Lydia Pintscher and Ivan Čukić for preparing these great presentations!